How I Spent Easter

Hello again,

Today is a special day because I’m doing something I never do, i.e blogging on a Sunday (remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy). I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter and if you’re not, never forget that every situation in life is only temporary, look upon the cross and his glory will surely shine on you.

On today’s special edition, I am going to do something I am usually very uncomfortable doing and yea, you guessed right, talking about myself with no reference to Alexander or mind games. Oh boy! Luckily, I will be using photos.

Good Friday was a public holiday but like most days, I wanted to study, work out and watch series. My ever intuitive partner, Viktor, that I may have not introduced before, suggested that we go for a walk instead with the dog to which I replied;

“But baby, we don’t own a dog”.

“We’ll take my grandparent’s dog, he will be happy”

So a grumpy me got up and threw something on and we set off to his grandparents.



It was incredibly difficult at first to get the dog into the car because he had never been in one and he’s a fiery ball of energy but we eventually succeeded with him in the passenger seat and me at the back.

We arrived at the park, which also featured two lake.



Between the lovely spring weather, beautiful scenery, and happy people, my grumpiness dissipated.


This would be a perfect time to introduce Mázli, he is a Puli, a Hungarian shepherd (apparently Mark Zuckerberg has this breed). His name means luck because he was a stray Viktor’s grandparents took in after the tragic demise of their former dog. He was excited upon exiting the car and immediately got busy, marking his territory.

So we had a long stroll under the sunshine which I found to be absolutely cathartic. It reminded me of the time I consulted my friend, an astrologist a few years ago, she said to me;

” Idara, In your chart, there is a lot of water and fire, you are imaginative, intuitive and ambitious….but you lack earth”.

She says; “Reality bores you and your brain is always cooking up with adventures, but you have to stay grounded in reality sometimes or it can be toxic“. So she caveated me to take a walk as often as I can, which I do…..when I need to blow off steam (wait! I get it, water + fire).

I, however, do need to blow off steam more frequently than I would care to admit, so perhaps Viktor noted that, and planned this walk as much for me as it was for Mázli, and now I have a grateful heart because of it.


Since I wasn’t quite interested in visiting the park in the first place. I braided my hair, wore my gym apparell and just threw on my IDGAF bf jeans. I was hoping to get a few push-ups in.


My facial expression says it all.


And my tormentor lightens the mood with a goofy laugh.

In the subsequent pictures, I got bored and fancied myself a pet photographer.


So we made it one round through the park and came to the end of our walk. It took about 3 hours which for me is approximately the amount of time I like to stay grounded in a day. The ride home was also relatively easier as Mázli was exhausted.

That was how I spent good Friday and I look forward to doing it again, perhaps a jog with be more of my tempo. Till next time, show some love and let me know how you spent your Easter in the comments, also, let me know what kind of post you prefer; poetry, short stories, astrology, or illustrated posts about my daily activities like this one.

Be mindful that the real meaning of Easter is to celebrate our Lord’s crucifixion, his resurrection, and glory which we are given the grace to be a part of if we believe in our heart. Romans 10, 9& 10. Here is a picture of our bunny, Gandalf to thank you for your patience and coax you into the holiday spirit.


Glücklichen Ostern, bis später.

2 thoughts on “How I Spent Easter

  1. For me, I love all the forms story with Astrology at the top and poetry at the bottom (I never really grasp them completely)

    Good Friday was spent basically in church in some form of meditative recollection like the Catholics will always do.

    Easter Sunday celebration was basically sleeping, surfing the net, reading about Lutheranism, the reformation, the 90 theses that led to the break away. Catching up on Nigeria gossip news😂😂😂😂😂.
    A bit of food.

    Happy celebrations with Viktor😎😎


    1. Seems you had quite the quintessence Nigerian Easter holiday. Happy celebrations to you too!
      I appreciate you letting me know your preference, btw, the key to poetry is interpreting it in your own way.


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