The Anthem Of Spring




Beware the Ides of March!

An era of restoration draws nigh.

Angel dust spored by genies

Replenishing our life forces

Redemption from forbidden promises.





Louver and lovers past.

Sow wild oats of nymphic desire

A monsoon of authentic colors

A new moon pours bourbon for the soul

Inebriating us insidiously

A tapestry of covenants we linger on.




Dew spews at dawn

The daffodil revival beckons

Detritus breeds life

A fruit of understanding in a sea of idiocracy

Rhyme this mellifluous hymn with me

lest we satirize our higher self





Here it is

And there it goes

For a fortnight passes

The church bell chimes

Manna will decay

The elixir flowing with milk and honey dries.




One thing will remain,

“This forewarning  medley

Beware the ides of March

Prepare the anthem of spring.





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