My Silver Bullet

I heard him cork the gun, I felt it aimed at my torso. I wrym and wiggle like a pregnant Caribou, the end of today is the beginning of tomorrow so where I end, is the point he begin.

Borders are not my friend, regulations are not my anthem. Hard to live in a paradise when the leaves tendrils whisper control. My spirit is unstoppable although my body and mind gave way long before. My feet leave prints in the moist sand with him trailing closely behind.

It was always the two if us. La and Tui, Yin and yang. The queen of Love and King of death vibing it out until he got me a gift, not roses but bullet, silver just my hair. “Keep it in your heart to remember me till the end of days”, he says.

His followed behind me, I walked ahead. The moon was fill, reflecting into the oasis. I wondered if the shadow of the moon was a black-hole. If I’m blessed I’ll find out soon. We arrived at the beginning, Yin and Yang, First and last. I heard him cork the gun and felt it aimed at my spine. closing my eyes, I resonate with the echoing silence.

The end of me is the beginning of him.

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