He found me

There I was, folded up like a rag underneath rubbles and brimstone, No hope for recovery. no life to live. bound by freedom so deceptive and gloomy.

There I was in the lowest shelf in an antique shop, collecting dust Who would want a broken, undone, ceramic doll? the doorbell, clanged each time someone walked in their shadow left behind them, hardly throwing a glance behind them. Until He came in and the store brightened up because His eyes were fixated on me like He was looking through my soul, and I know He was.

There I was lost in a great forest , night till day break I wandered until my feet bled. The second night, vultures circled around my head, waiting for me to give up my life force. any minute now. The branches sing a tale of loss, as the night promises to own my soul. Yet as my time ran out, He formed a dome around me as He guarded me from acid rain. He led me through a shortcut and every vulture that charged towards me was struck down by his zealous love.

There I was, sick as a dog not knowing what was wrong. My body was weak, my stomach was churning and my temperature sky-rocketed. I did myself the disservice of googling online and found a multitude of diagnoses. I didn’t know if I would live through coz heck I couldn’t eat too. But He took my hand and connected me to the giver of life. Fed me soup until gently my back was strong again. I recovered quicker than the normal time of the diagnose I got. Simply because the great provider saw my misery and made a way out.

So everyday because of Him, I sing a song of gratitude. Every time when the wind of the past reminds me where I’ve been, I glorify His name. Every time I think of the future, I shout a great Hallelujah. Even if I wish to curse his name, my mouth can sing only praises. Because I know He live, my life will never be lost again.

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