An Introvert’s handbook

We always have the heartiest laugh.

in a room full of people

we adapt to living in the moment

It will be over soon anyways.

Battery drained, energy depleted

I’ve accepted your request to hang

to spill some tea and enjoy good cheer

because I feel bad for cancelling so many times





forgive me if I don’t text back

I’m probably already dreading the heels I will be wearing

I probably slept off cuddling Mr. Eddy.

It’s probably too cold outside anyways

Right now, I’m half here, half dreaming on my bed

Eating ice-cream and binging Netflix

Let’s try this another day closer to home base

when I can resign to a day without plans

I invite you into my space

as long as you leave your shoes at the door

as long as you don’t touch any of my stuff

Respect my space so I can invite you closer.

We can try yoga as the sun is setting

Afterwards finish a bottle of merlot

just talks, no judgement. No guilt, no stress

here you are free to be everything and nothing





The silence is deepening,

i’ve run out f conversation starters

except when Alcohol is involved

that is another ball game entirely

Embrace your inner Introversy

the sun of spritual enlightenment

Sensitivity is not a disease

it is Empathy after all that makes us Human

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