Dear earth,

The world outside is burning. Smell the chaos of fallen brethren and brother raping sister. Murder ravaging the towns. pestilence striking down the masses. Countries are testing their Missels, preparing to attack at the slightest provocation. Women are shamed in the street and criminals are praised by the Judiciary system, and I ask myself, how did We get here?

How did oppression prevail, when did we give up our voices to be stifled? I can’t breath.Where did we bury empathy?What happened to respecting each other, and the earth that nurtures us.

Sad, to close our eyes and instead of blue heavens, we imagine naked raw anarchy. the blood of innocents whose predators are yet to be held accountable. Self-preservation has turned man against the Earth. When will we transcend the fear to preserve self?
Self is the ego that keeps on taking.

Sickening to know there are people who capitalise on chaos. Religion is the biggest pyramid scheme in history. It is no longer about belief and higher consciousness, it is money laundering and racketeering, no wonder we slide farther into the avalanche of forsaken ages.

In truth The world inside is decaying too. I pulled back to check in with my world, if the plants I watered are sprouting. If I pour out from an empty cup, it’s like a shotgun in the dark. I can’t nurture the earth If I have taught myself to nurture me.

in the end, we have all been soiled one way or another, either by not reacting, or protesting too hard, you forget wich side you’re on., either my dying or survivng. Not one innocent soul is standing. As if the earth is condemned to die.
Welcome to the Utopia we call home.

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