I hate to pack a bag, yet every time I’m done, I get butterflies in my belly. My favourite part is walking into a P & B bookstore and making my way out with a bomb read. Although my arms fatigue from the weight, an I almost topple over from exhaustion, It is worth it when I hear the engine rev like wild fire. That feeling is summarised the moment I open the first page of my book.

I feel such gratification maybe because it’s illegal to breath in the great outdoors, kinda like eating a greasy burger right before bed, but enjoying it nonetheless. Every bit is a ride to mindfulness. Much landmarks to photograph and sights to discover. It gladdens my heart to not be stuck at home anymore. To greet different ethnicities without uttering a word. Inspired by the mutual understanding fron wanderlusters far and wide. Trying to go farther than my feet can take me.

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