Living with Coronavirus

The first two weeks were truly the worse. I could hardly breath and the sneezes manifested like seizures. If I wasn’t vaccinated already, I would have concluded on having whooping cough.

Working  in a hospital,  exposes me  considerably to be infected with SARS-CoV19 at the slightest mistake, despite the detailed protective protocols and wears we have to constantly change out of.  Its bad enough that we have to go through nose swabs, which are by the way extremely uncomfortable, painful even. This happens if your patient is confirmed positive and you have flu-like symtoms in the following weeks.

As my occasional sneezes matured into uncontrollable fits, I first had to convince myself that I am healthy, well almost, by yet  another swab, coupled with checking my temperature every 5 mins, which didn’t just indicate that I had no fever but suggested my temperature was low (note to self, check thyroid hormone levels). So far I’ve switched my antihistamines tabs twice. Both equally potent, with equal drowsy effects. I  resolved to taking the drug at nights so I can sleep it off and still be able to breath underneath my mask at work the following day .

Then I tried to reassure my colleagues that I wasn’t infectious. Well damn, 2020 is far from a walk in the park.

I started suffering from pollen allergies a couple of years ago and never had it been so severe like in this year. I thought I’d share because of the silent stigmatization that goes with this crisis that may invoke fear against getting tested.ย  Is there anybody else who is having similar symptoms?. The most important thing is Fever, without fever there is 99,9% you don’t even have an infection. So lets give people the freedom to cough without looking at them like the bearer of the accursed Apocalypse.

It’s just a cough reflex, not Corona.

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