The Rain Dance

You are not the stranger I envisioned in my garden. What with that quaint look and pale face. But oh how the tables have turned, so we got used to meeting at our usual place. Playing our usual song and waiting for the shadowy glimpse of reality’s . Even as the clouds produces burning embers. I will wait for you at you know where and we can sail. Deeper. Farther into the tides of wavering insecurities, stop at the harbour of reflections, and cross the bridge of higher consciousness. I know the sound of the rain will get heavier, try to sweep us away with worries and doubts, restrict us under water and drown us in a sea of self pity. But we were made to listen as if it were falling pearls, droplets that glisten under sunlight. Made to rise from the puddle and dance till our joints give way, knowing that our promise for tomorrow is the faith that illuminates our path today. When the rainbow settles, we will be grateful for a new chapter of transformation.

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