The Birth of Venus

I was walking along the Obudu river when I saw her emerging between the willow trees with her flaxen hair and honey dipped skin. Celestial beauty glistening under the sun. Her Aura radiated across the pearly blue waves, bringing life to the sky and the flora around. She looked at me with soulful mesmerising eyes, it was though her eyes were piercing through me, body soul and mind. Then her lips parted, her voice so dauntingly vivid;

“Remember to make yourself whole again; she says, Remember the trees that cast a shade on you when you were wounded. Remember the spring that brought fresh water to your heels;

Everything is as clear as a mirror in your mind, but it is in the other side of the mirror that you live. Accept that you’re no more human than the next man;

Don’t wait to taste the nectar of love, but let your heart bleed love always”.

The vision of her brought water to my eyes and as I summoned up the boldness to approach her, she started to moved dilatory as though she was dancing to the tune of the river that only she knew and just as the wind caressed the surface of the water, she was gone.

Only then did I realise that what i’ve witnessed is the birth of Venus.

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