Lost in Berlin

Autumn is just Spring dipped in myrrh and gold. The perfect muse to squeeze into my joggers, so I could be that jogger at the beginning of every romantic movie that runs across town as the the city’s landscapes come into view. Why not discover the city on foot by day, then seduce her into my bed by nightfall. I enjoyed falling in love with her skyscrapers , her botanical Gardens and her castles for a while, but then the Adrenaline disappeared, leaving me out, stumbling in the cold like a homeless junkie.

Every day of the week I slept at a different entrance of the church, waiting for a samaritan, no one showed up.

I grabbed a man who was walking with his a little girl with alabaster eyes assummingly his granddaughter, by the collar and demanded to know the way out of this vicious cycle;” I don’t know, he squabbles, I’ve been living here only for 9 years”.

Damn I’ve been rejected just hours after arriving in Berlin. 3 mins later i come across a lady who looks quite desperate herself. I ask her the same question. She looks at me puzzled; “I was about to ask you the same,” She said, “Seeing you in a tracksuit, I assumed you know the city”.

What a fool I’ve been. Just then I look up to see a paper, on it is a photo of a man, he couldn’t have been more than 33, boldly written above him reads, MISSING PERSON”, under him reads, “last seen in blue joggerpants and sport shoes”. I never noticed it before , but there were multiple such posts in every street corner . I ask the lady if she had a pen, she reached into her purse and handed me one. I kissed her on the cheek and ran away, clicking my heels.

The labelled the first poster on the street 1. And continued labelling consequent poster with subsequent numbers on every street.

Two weeks, four days and 115 missing persons posters later, I found home.

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