What do you make of her emerald green eyes that converge like a hourglasses. Creature of the night, she crawls into her crevice. No one who has ever spent a night there has made it out whole. She’s made it a mission to smother her lovers hearts to dust.

Mesmerising, she is the original Banshi. Gather the children and send them to the mangrove with mother . Tell them of how every good boy gets disembodied. Creature of the night too volatile to understand faith.

Phantom limbs and deformed callipygian. Her presence, the perfect commination of suspense and horror. Hair like stringy seaweed, alive like emerging viper’s tail, something between this world and the occult. Lucky if you live to see the occult princess and live to tell how .

Surrender to the celestial of the sky. Nestle with the romance she offers, but beware for she is a medium of worship, and’ll sentence your heart to desire and serve her body for as long as you breath.

Therefore let go of all you thought could be, let them fall like cobwebs from wuthering heights, let them decay, become weightless, not turning around to behold the mutated ashes of Medusa’s burning body, as a remembrance to all the times you slit your wrist and bled .

2 thoughts on “Medusa

  1. This is so dark, I enjoyed reading it. The details you bring up are very horror-esque, stirring. Amazing story here, it makes me wish it were even longer! Great writing.


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