Movement is primitive.

Before we could breath, we could move

Before we could talk, we could move .

When we were born, our hearts beat faster than it does now to simulate an exercise-like vital reaction. Now we are older, therefore more conscious of the importance of movements, yet ironically less active as in the childhood.

I don’t judge people who do not exercise , but I do have a problem with people who purposely live a sedentary lifestyle, while actively complaining about their weight-gain and/ or bodily stiffness. It’s logic. We don’t need do a rundown on the benefits of an active lifestyle, why not just take all that energy you would pour into procrastinating or researching a “Wonder drug ” and begin with a simple step, a simple move, a simple stretch.

There is nobody who regrets starting, so long as their goals are realistic, and they do not ignore their body. When you live sedentarily, you don’t just kill your body, you demolish your soul and mind too.

Do something good for you. Jump for a minute. Dance for five, stretch for 10. Repeat.

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