Christmas Wish

It was the night before christmas and while some of us were busy rueing not travelling home for the holidays, a little boy no more than six was rolled into the emergency room. Not especially pleased that she was working through the holidays, Alex groggily went to him, stopping when she saw his young face. She recognised his face, they all did. There is only a handful of special children they know so well.

Born in a hospital, but he never left, comes in every month, sometimes even twice. Every possible illness that a young child would know, he had experienced. His mother has become the ultimate caregiver, she walks into the ward and knows where everything her boy needs is. They were just here a week ago, her only wish was to make it across to next year before coming back.

His little body has experienced every kind of drug .Sedatives, anti-epileptics, anti-depressives. Everything that could make him sleep, distract him from the jingle in his head , yet it only intensifies, the vomiting more frequent, the drugs aren’t working fast enough. He closes his eyes and makes a wish as the clock struck midnight on this icy Christmas morning.

That morning he went away and a whole year rolled past, not once did I see him again. I like to look at the stars at night and send a prayer to his innocent heart., Wherever in the world he is, I hope his Christmas wish came true.


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