My last days being 27

I have had so much blossoming into myself especially in this second half of my 20s. One of the things I discovered and kinda held onto is Yoga and Meditation. They have become my platform of Self Expression in the sense that they have taught me how to reflect inwards in order to grow outwards, and what is the highest form of expression if not sharing.

It is unfortunate that my last day being 27 turned out to be one of Europe’s darkest days as Russian troops wreck havoc in Ukraine and cause millions of families to flee their country but I believe in balance, that the negative exists to balance out the positive and that the yin cannot exist without the Yang.

In accordance to that I designed a Vin to Yin yoga video to grow into our authentic Self published on my instagram page (@csakidara )as this particular topic has been essential to my Journey.

I am but a grain of sand on this planet who is passionate about Yoga. That is what I offer and I do hope my practice brings wisdom and growth in someone’s life just as yoga has been a cradle for me in my good, bad and really ugly times.

Much love💋


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