The End of the World

Fear is in the air

It’s stench stronger than ever

War, disease, hunger, globalwarming

Byproducts of neverending capitalism

How far are we willing to go?

When did we lose our sanity?

Flusters of experiments to edit and replicate Human DNA

Their Motto “Human are hackable animals”.

They chant “Freewill is an illusion”.

A project meant to profit the richest of the rich

In detriment to the rest of the world

How far will we go to sabotage our future?

What will I tell my unborn daughter about the world she will be growing up in?

These thoughts I cannot avoid

Centuries ago, “God ” was the reason for death

Now technology will be the death of humanity

But I will live my truth

Follow my path to higher consciousness

Even until the End of the world.


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