A Letter to my unborn daughter

Hey You,

Funny how time flies, you were no bigger than a pea on our second ultrasound. On the very first ultrasound when I pulled my colleague to the side begging her to ultrasound me, we did not find anything. Although I told myself prior to this moment that just because your father and I had unprotected coitus, doesn’t mean I was expecting anything to happen, my face couldn’t hide the disappointment, little did I know you were already two weeks old at the time.

As you grew you subtly informed me of your presence with constant nausea as well as disdain for most food groups. Several weeks later I start to feel bloated. The bloating only grew bigger and harder. Now at 38 weeks, what I once mistook for bloating ” is a well developed 3160 g little human.I can‘t help to recount the first movements. Again I associated it to gas when it was really your tiny body wriggling around, making yourself comfortable, knowing you will be in there a while . Your hiccups are undeniably the cutest movements of all.

And soon, probably sooner than we anticipate, we will be able to not only kiss your little feet but watch them grow and fill up our shoes. You will write your own story and we will be there to teach you the real values of a woman

You are free to rebel, to open your mouth even when no words come forth if you wish to. You are free to not be beautiful and polite. You are free to be Brave, you are free to say NO even when it would upset others including me. You are free to feel pain, to grow from it like a wild untamed chrysanthemen. For all these attributes are what I needed growing up but I lived in a society that rebuked such Women. You will follow the footsteps of the millions of women that walked this earth before you. But no matter how you choose to live your life, you are a true warrior and we will always be proud to call you ours.


2 responses to “A Letter to my unborn daughter”

  1. This is one of the most beautiful letters I have ever read. Wishing you God’s protection and a great delivery.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Regina


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