Mom first

These past 2 weeks have been real. It‘s been proud moments of showing off the love of my life and all the gruesome moments inbetween like both of us crying in the evenings. It‘s been an explosion on fecal matter on me everytime I change the diaper.
It‘s having vomit on my neck and shoulders Everytime I burp her. It‘s the bout of anxiety I get every time she cries.
It‘s been figuring out breastfeeding, calorie intake and weight gain.
It‘s worrying at any sign of change .
It‘s been about discovering the new woman I am now, the one that doesn’t live for herself and her desires anymore but has answered to a greater calling.
Cheers to all the first time moms out there. May we continue to be proud and happy in our new lives as mothers.


2 responses to “Mom first”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Congratulations on your blessing!


    1. Happy mother’s day and Thank you Regina


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