The Love Dance

Imagine you grew up in a culturescape that has 25 different ways to describe sorrow, trauma, pain, the list goes on and no word for love It would be a but like being colour-blind in a world radiant with colors like sensing darkness at the beginning of a tunnel and I wonder even if I … More The Love Dance


0028.0004.2020 No matter how many times your heart has been broken there is still a part of it that is, and perhaps will forever be untouched like the beginning of a lunar cycle

Bending Reality

The people who are crazy enough to think they could change the world are the ones that will do it. Die Menschen, die verrückt genug sind zu denken, sie würden die Welt verändern, sind diejenigen, die es tun werden. Steve Jobs,1997 4 months and 2 weeks, that‘s how long I‘ve been away. At first it … More Bending Reality

Letting go

To the one who romances the idea of letting go, the ground pushes them to be greater . To the one who finds stillness, the entire universe succumbs.

The Paradox

I could never hold your eyes in mind, they pierce and burn like cobalt dissolved in acid. I twitch and wiggle just to spit out the thoughts choking the back of my pharynx. This is not the desires that I have been sitting on, it is what the ancestors reached out to me or it … More The Paradox

Christmas Wish

It was the night before christmas and while some of us were busy rueing not travelling home for the holidays, a little boy no more than six was rolled into the emergency room. Not especially pleased that she was working through the holidays, Alex groggily went to him, stopping when she saw his young face. … More Christmas Wish