The Love Dance

Imagine you grew up in a culturescape that has 25 different ways to describe sorrow, trauma, pain, the list goes on and no word for love It would be a but like being colour-blind in a world radiant with colors like sensing darkness at the beginning of a tunnel and I wonder even if I … More The Love Dance

Letting go

To the one who romances the idea of letting go, the ground pushes them to be greater . To the one who finds stillness, the entire universe succumbs.

The Paradox

I could never hold your eyes in mind, they pierce and burn like cobalt dissolved in acid. I twitch and wiggle just to spit out the thoughts choking the back of my pharynx. This is not the desires that I have been sitting on, it is what the ancestors reached out to me or it … More The Paradox

Christmas Wish

It was the night before christmas and while some of us were busy rueing not travelling home for the holidays, a little boy no more than six was rolled into the emergency room. Not especially pleased that she was working through the holidays, Alex groggily went to him, stopping when she saw his young face. … More Christmas Wish


Snowflakes hang wry on the Window pane Pluto rolls in the morning snow We set up our Nordmann tree with the angel on top “let it snow” on repeat on spotify a modern day Christmas fantasy blend a cup of mocha, a propine for the moment it’s too cold to jog outside anyways.


Movement is primitive. Before we could breath, we could move Before we could talk, we could move . When we were born, our hearts beat faster than it does now to simulate an exercise-like vital reaction. Now we are older, therefore more conscious of the importance of movements, yet ironically less active as in the … More Repeat

Bruised Blossom

Speak to the life in the decaying earth . Command it turnover it’s harvest by the flusters of spring . Time stands still and one could imagine in these moments that everything happens, nothing happens. An alarm goes off breaking the silence, Your tears roll off dainty lashes. Deja Vu, You’ve lost count of how … More Bruised Blossom